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Beverages Category

The drinks category is naturally as diverse as the tastes and habits of consumers.

Wilms is active in two segments here - in the milk-based ready-to-drink segment and in high-quality beverage syrups.

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Make-Your-Own Soft Drinks With Syrups from D’Arbo

Mixing water with various beverage syrups is becoming increasingly popular. In 2020 alone, total sales in this market segment increased by 44% to almost 166 million euros (source: market research institute IRI). Wilms occupies this segment with the very high-quality Darbo beverage syrups from Austria.

The various Darbo syrups have a high proportion of exquisite fruits, herbs or blossoms and thus provide a very fine and unique flavour experience. With a wide range of around 15 different varieties, every consumer is guaranteed to find their personal favourite.

With a recommended mixture of one part syrup to seven parts water (Darbo), the syrups are very economical.

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