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Beverages Category

The beverage category is naturally as broad as consumers’ tastes and habits.

Wilms is active in three segments here – namely in the booming market for compostable coffee capsules and organic coffee beans, in the segment of traditional cocoa beverage powders as milk additives, and in high-quality syrups.

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Milk Additives with Strong Traditional Brands

The market for milk additives in Germany is attractive and has been very stable for years, with total sales of 171.6 million euros. On average, consumers from 20.3 million households reach for something off the shelves just under three times a year in this area.

Wilms occupies this field with what are probably the best known traditional brands in the segment, Kaba and Suchard Express. Kaba speaks for itself as it has long since become the generic term for cocoa beverage powder. The majority of adult consumers recognise Kaba from their own childhood, a strong and well-known brand with over 90 years of tradition and extremely positive connotations.

Our second mainstay in this segment comes from the chocolate expert Suchard. The Suchard Express beverage powder with dextrose immediately catches the eye with its familiar design and is also a strong brand for cocoa beverage powder which is firmly anchored in the collective consumer mind. It gives the milk its fine chocolaty taste and can be added in cold or warm milk.

Both products are manufactured without ingredients of animal origin and can therefore also be enjoyed as vegan beverages, such as oat drinks.

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Sustainable, Organic Quality Coffee Beverages

The trend towards high-quality coffee has been growing steadily for years. On average, 450 cups of coffee are drunk per person in Germany every year (source: Statista). The demand for particularly high-quality coffee has increased due to the rising numbers of people who now work from home. As a result, capsule machines are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to making a quick, but good cup of coffee.

Wilms has been providing convenient, sustainable coffee beverages with the My Coffee Cup brand since 2020. The brand offers 100% sustainable organic coffee beverages with two main product types: compostable, organic coffee capsules for Nespresso® – either Classic, Flavoured or Decaffeinated - and organic coffee beans for fully automatic and portafilter machines. These beans are climate-neutral and Fair Trade certified in packaging made from industrially compostable components.


Make-Your-Own Soft Drinks With Syrups from D’Arbo and Teisseire

Mixing water with various beverage syrups is becoming increasingly popular. In 2020 alone, total sales in this market segment rose by 44% to almost 166 million euros (source: IRI market research). Wilms occupies this segment with the traditional French syrup brand Teisseire as well as high-quality syrups from Darbo in Austria.

In France, beverage syrup is a permanent fixture in every household and Teisseire is the number one choice. With a wide variety of flavours, Teisseire offers a fruity change of pace for carbonated or non-carbonated water mixes. There are also two sugar-free options for health-conscious shoppers and parents.

Darbo’s range of syrups has a high proportion of exquisite fruits, herbs, and blossoms, creating a very subtle but unique taste experience. With around 15 options in total, everyone is sure to find their favourite.

Both syrups go a very long way, with a recommended mixture of one part syrup to seven parts water (Darbo) or one part syrup to nine parts water (Teisseire).

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