Vinegar and Oil


Vinegar and Oil

Vinegar and oil are the two sides of a culinary category that is particularly close to our hearts here at Wilms. Since 2019, we have built up significant category management expertise in the vinegar and oil category.

Both segments are roughly in equal demand at retail. For example, nearly 24 million households bought vinegars approximately three to four times a year in 2020, with a total value of around 130 million euros (source: Kulinaria Deutschland market development for vinegar 2020). In 2019, around 1.4 million tonnes of edible oils were consumed in Germany. Here, there is also a clear trend towards increasingly high-quality oils.

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Vinegar Segment

The vinegar segment is composed of brandy vinegar, fruit vinegar, wine vinegar, and high-quality balsamic vinegars. In this segment, we distribute the excellent products of Mazzetti and Maille.
Our Mazzetti brand has been the leading brand in the balsamic vinegar market since 2017. With an average sales growth of over €1 million per year, Mazetti’s wide range of products puts it at the top of the field. On the other hand, Maille offers creative and high-quality balsamic, wine, and apple vinegar specialities from Jerez, Modena, and France. Some of these are infused with fruit flavours, but all score highly in terms of quality and taste.


Oil Segment

The oil segment is divided into sunflower, rapeseed, and olive oils as well as other specialities. Wilms is also excellently positioned in this segment with fantastic rapeseed and sunflower oils from Moritz and high-quality olive oils from GAEA, MONINI, Primoli, Raineri, and TERRA DELYSSA, in addition to specialties from INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION.

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Mazzetti l'Originale: The italian art of dressing

A driving force for trade and a source of inspiration for consumers after 30 years on the German market.

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