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Mustard is the clear favourite when it comes to sauces in Germany. The total market recently recorded sales of 169 million euros. On average, mustard products are purchased 4.2 times per year in Germany - for 32.9 million households (source: Statista 2020).

In the sauces category, Wilms has also committed itself to French mustard. With traditional brands Maille and Beaufor, we have been able to establish a leading position in the high-quality Dijon mustard segment.

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Mustard is the favourite sauce in Germany

For many consumers in Germany, Maille’s products are representative of the entire range of French mustard products. In 2020, the brand reached 3.2 million shoppers in the food retail sector, representing an increase of 24% on the previous year. At the same time, we have long since snatched this mustard from the “clutches of the common bratwurst”. Maille mustard is used in many ways today - for example, as a base or aromatic ingredient for sophisticated vinaigrettes, sauces, or marinades. With Maille, we are bringing real gourmet attitude to the German food retail industry.

The traditional French brand Beaufor, with its fine and grainy Dijon mustard variations, is ideal for preparing cold barbecue or fondue sauces, vegetable dips, marinades for meat and fish dishes, or a wide variety of hot sauces. As an established name in the restaurant industry, Beaufor is also available in bulk containers.


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Alongside our strong mustard brands, we also serve the category with TexMex sauces from Santa Maria, Asian varieties from Wan Kwai, and the high-quality French stocks and sauces from Lacroix.

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Maille: Savoir-vivre for German cuisine

Not just for Bratwurst: through the Mustard Lovers social media community, users are learning about the wider uses for mustard as a great addition to classic and more unusual recipes.

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