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Confectionery is one of the bestselling segments in the food industry. The average per capita consumption of confectionery in Germany is just under 30 kilos per year, with each consumer spending roughly 180 euros (source: Statista 2021). The confectionery category consists of chocolate goods – the most important segment in the category, savoury snacks, and sweets. This category achieves the highest penetration of German households at 99.8%.

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Chocolate Segment


We have been serving the chocolate segment with Baileys since 2013.

Created in the mid-1970s, the Baileys recipe went on to become a huge success with exquisite spirits, rich chocolate, and many other flavours and ingredients. Today, Baileys is not only the most popular liqueur brand in Germany, but also globally.

Baileys Chocolate also benefits from this brand power. A versatile range including chocolate bars, individually-wrapped chocolates, and mixed boxes guarantees a great performance on the shelf.


Vegan Chocolate from NOMO

With the slogan “No missing out!”, we have occupied the vegan segment in chocolate bars with NOMO since 2021. Nobody should have to miss out on great chocolate just because it’s not compatible with their own diets or intolerances. NOMO is not only vegan, but also free of dairy products, gluten, eggs, and nuts. And, of course, the products are extremely delicious.


Sugar Confectionery Segment


Sugar confectionery with added value: Dextro Energy and Pulmoll

In the sugar confectionery segment, we are represented in Germany by two incredibly strong brands with a long tradition.

The Dextro Energy brand has been part of the Zertus Group since 2005 and is successfully marketed by us. The range includes a wide selection of products. Divided into the three areas of everyday, endurance, and fitness, the product portfolio includes everything from classic dextrose tablets to powders, bars, gels, and drinks. With brand awareness of over 80% and a market share of almost 80%, Dextro Energy has been the number one in the dextrose market for years.

Dextro Energy


Pulmoll has been part of the Zertus Group since 2002 and is marketed successfully by us with a range of 14 delicious varieties. The unique recipes boast high-quality ingredients such as the finest fruit juice concentrate from selected fruits, selected essential oils, and healthy vitamin C. In addition to proven ingredients such as sage or honey, unusual ones such as cardamom and white tea are also used.


Savoury Snacks Segment

KETTLE&GIN Promotion 2020 bei Edeka Kratzmann in Reinbek (Rhodmann) (1).jpg

The Kettle brand is a pioneer in premium potato chips.

Kettle Foods has been constantly developing its recipes for hand-cooked potato chips since the 1980s and has repeatedly gone to market with unusual flavour compositions. Wilms has built up category management expertise in secondary placement with Kettle and has had great success. Through unusual POS collaborations with beverage manufacturers, we are always able to attract consumer attention at the retail level.


Crispy Nachos from Santa Maria

Our Texmex brand, Santa Maria, occupies the corn-based nacho and tortilla chips sub-segment of savoury snacks. But Santa Maria chips offer much more than a quick treat: whether used as a snack between meals or as a base for nacho plates or charcuterie boards, Santa Maria’s crispy, spicy nachos offer endless possibilities.

Santa Maria

Categorie brands


Dextrose: Straight into the Bloodstream.

Whether as a cube, drink, or powder, Dextro Energy products provide the brain with dextrose quickly and directly.


Pulmoll: It’s the Little Things!

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