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The sweet spreads category consists of the jams, sweet creams, and honey segments.

All three market segments are very strong in terms of sales – in the jam segment, for example, various products from Wilms are purchased on average around seven times a year throughout Germany. Total sales here were recently around 586 million euros per year (source: Nielsen HH Panel 2020).

Wilms is broadly positioned across all areas of sweet spreads and is represented with excellent honey, traditional orange marmalade and fruit jams through to high-quality chocolate spreads. We have therefore built up category management expertise since 2019 and launched a whole range of innovative and exotic products in the food retail sector. The general trend of ‘more organic, less sugar’ also applies in this area.

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Darbo - Special jams with a high fruit content

Tyrolean family business Darbo not only produces jams with an exceptionally high fruit content of 50-80%, but also attaches great importance to selected fruits and a gentle production process for fine jellies, honey, and syrup. The use of preservatives, artificial flavours, and colourings is strictly avoided, making it a recipe for success in Germany too. Darbo jams found their way into 1.4 million households here in 2020, turning jam consumers into real brand fans. Darbo was picked up by shoppers 10.1 times a year on average compared to 7.2 times for other jams.

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Chivers - The Epitome of Classic British Orange Marmalade

The Chivers brand is unbeatable when it comes to British orange marmalade. This traditional brand from Cambridge has been a purveyor to the court of the House of Windsor since 1911 and is regarded as “the aristocrat on the breakfast table”. In addition to the classic Olde English Orange, Chivers today has a wide range of products based on citrus fruits and also includes exotic ingredients such as mango and ginger.

At the same time, Chivers products are extraordinarily versatile and can also be used in cocktails or as a baking ingredient, as proven by our collaborations with food bloggers.


Premium, Top-Quality Chocolate Spreads

When it comes to premium chocolate spreads, our portfolio includes Brinkers, a fourth-generation Dutch family business which focuses on the highest quality. Brinkers uses the best raw materials and consistently avoids preservatives and colourings, while rejecting genetically modified ingredients. Sustainability is the focus throughout the entire production process. With the “Chocolate Symphony” and “La Vida Vegan” brands, we have a broadly positioned range of products for discerning customers.


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Darbo: A Quarter of a Century in the Best Hands

The successful model celebrates its 25 year anniversary

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