Darbo: A Quarter of a Century in the Best Hands

The successful model celebrates its 25 year anniversary

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Austria’s most trusted food brand

With its premium fruit spreads, delicious jams, and fruity desserts, Darbo has always been one of Austria’s most popular food brands and was even voted as the country’s “most trusted food brand” last year (source: Marketagent 2020). But the traditional company, based in Stans, Tyrol, can also reflect on a remarkable success story in Germany; for more than 25 years, Importhaus Wilms has supported the Austrian family business in inspiring a steadily growing fan base among foodies and gourmets here.

A family-owned business for over 140 years, the secret behind the company’s success lies in its high quality standards and uncompromising commitment to using the best ingredients. In addition to delicious jams, Darbo is also known for its premium fruit jellies and exclusive fruit syrup and honey specialities.

“We cannot produce cheaply and nor do we want to. That’s why we’re so happy to have found the ideal partner in Importhaus Wilms. They support us in our mission to offer our customers the best fruit products in such a way that we can also continue our success in Germany going forward."

Martin Darbo - CEO

Now available in over 10,000 stores throughout Germany

Darbo has enjoyed a steady growth since its launch in the German retail market in 1995. The fruit company has so far achieved an average annual sales increase of 13.2 percent, making it one of the most popular jam brands on this side of the Alps. The figures speak for themselves: 100 million jars of jam have been consumed in Germany since Darbo entered the market in 1995, while 20 million bottles of syrup and almost nine million other fruit delicacies have found their way into the hands of German fruit lovers (source: Darbo ex-factory).

But this success is hardly surprising. Thanks to Wilms’ expertise in premium delicatessen and international specialities, the fan favourite is now available in over 10,000 stores throughout Germany, which for many years has been the most important export market for the Austrian fruit experts. This is because Wilms not only has many years of industry knowledge, highly trained staff, and comprehensive marketing expertise, but also a very special understanding of the brand, making Darbo products a real sales hit in Germany.

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