Maille: Savoir-vivre for German cuisine

Not just for Bratwurst: through the Mustard Lovers social media community, users are learning about the wider uses for mustard as a great addition to classic and more unusual recipes.

To the products

The anniversary of Wilms – Unilever: a successful partnership lasting 20 years!

Maille has been part of the Unilever Group since 2001. The headquarters of Unilever France, where Maille is based, can be found at the heart of the country - Paris. Mustard, pickle, and vinegar varieties are sold in over 60 countries around the world and have been sold in Germany since 1948. The products here are distributed by Importhaus Wilms, which has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Unilever for 20 years.

Our products are based on centuries of French craft and knowledge, combined with inventiveness, and inspired by today’s food world. Quality of ingredients and sustainability are key aspects of our brand, this is why we are continuously driving our sustainability agenda. First, by working on cleaner recipes, with programs on salt and sugar reduction in key mustards and vinegars recipes, as well as on sulphite level reduction in our vinegar offer.
Finally, by promoting sustainable packaging, with 85% of our portfolio available in glass jars, and using 50% of recycled plastic in our squeeze bottles since 2019 and moving to 100% recycled plastic in 2021.

Unilever France

The history behind the production of the French favourite

When he founded the company in 1747, Antoine Maille’s wish was to establish a house of pleasure. Since its founding over 266 years ago, the traditional French brand Maille has become the epitome of sophistication in French cuisine, specialising in the production of high-quality mustards and vinegars. What began as a small mustard mill is now an internationally-recognised company with humble roots. The secret of its success lies in the fact that it has stuck to the ideals of its founder even to this day, offering the best top-quality products made to original French recipes by using freshly processed ingredients.

Maille has the strong ambition to keep the passion for food alive. At Maille, we believe that life is so much more flavourful when we eat and cook with pleasure in mind.
We help food lovers to explore flavours, to be creative, inventive, and share this passion with the world. So that one day the world will be filled with gourmet foodies!

Unilever France

Maille to focus increasingly on brand diversity and online activation in 2021

Having moved away from print in favour of tastings and POS campaigns in recent years, Maille is now heading more and more towards online activations.
With the creation of the “Mustard Lovers” site, Maille has taken a big step in bringing the taste experience of its brand to younger generations. This already very large community has fun trying out the recipes and learning to use Maille mustard as a great addition to classic and more unusual recipes to conjure up something special on the table.
Furthermore, classic POS campaigns are set to go online to bring the supermarket to the sofa. It remains important that Maille is not only presented as a brand, but also the “story” behind the brand which brings the “savoir-vivre” of the French home into German kitchens. This is where Maille can rely on its great variety of mustards and types of packaging, but also on new products such as vinegars, pickles and much more!

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