Mazzetti l'Originale: The italian art of dressing

A driving force for trade and a source of inspiration for consumers after 30 years on the German market.

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30 years of German-Italian friendship

Italy is a place of longing for many Germans and is today a fixed culinary component of our own cuisine. Mazzetti l‘Originale is a pioneer of this success story. When the family-run company first appeared on the German market 30 years ago with just a small range of products, the dark vinegar from Modena was still a niche product aimed mainly at connoisseurs. The vinegar category was dominated by light varieties and local products. But thanks to a desire for experimentation, a need for inspiration, and stricter quality demands of consumers, an unprecedented success story began for Mazzetti: while the market share (retail value incl. discount and DM) in 2000 was still at 3.4%, it had more than doubled to 16.4% by 2020* (*Mazzetti balsamic vinegars market leader (value) in retail or discount). This means Mazzetti is now the undisputed number one among branded products in the vinegar market – a trend which continues to grow.

A driving force in the vinegar segment

Inventions such as balsamic creams, which have become a consumer favourite and which Mazzetti was the first of their kind to launch in German stores under the name Cremoso in 2005, have provided considerable impetus. Always open to innovation, the company succeeds in identifying consumer trends at an early stage before expanding its product range accordingly. The brand’s innovative strength was proven with a separate organic range in 2013, organic red and white vinegar in 2016, and a natural organic apple vinegar in 2017. Mazzetti’s new brand identity also shows that they always have consumer interests at heart. The need for orientation and impetus in the vinegar segment has recently become increasingly clear, which is why Mazzetti has been inspiring consumers to rediscover and enjoy vinegar under the slogan of “The Italian Art of Dressing.

Together with our partners, we can reflect on 30 successful years of cooperation while also looking ahead to the future. We will continue to be what we have always been: a driver of innovation for the industry, for retail, and a source of inspiration for our consumers - that’s a promise.

Cesare Mazzetti

Mazzetti – The Italian Art of Dressing

Together with this new slogan, the fresh, contemporary design unifies not only the product range but also all the accompanying advertising materials in an eye-catching way. In terms of both product presentation and brand communication, Mazzetti thus remains close to consumer trends and successfully relies on a mix of contemporary presentation and tradition-based understatement at the POS. This strikes a chord with consumers, as proven by the latest market data.


What do the vine leaves on the labels mean?

The vine leaves are a system introduced by Mazzetti and other producers so that the consumer can easily recognise the quality of each Balsamico di Modena. They also serve as an aid to identify the best use of the product. There are four categories whereby the number of vine leaves depicted on the label increases with the quality of the product. Mazzetti Tino Tipico, for example, has one vine leaf whereas Mazzetti Testa Rossa has four to indicate the highest quality. The advantage of this system lies in the large number of participating producers and the fact that it’s supervised by a special organisation, the AIB, so that all consumers can be sure that the awarding of vine leaves is carried out in a uniform way.

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