Dextrose: Straight into the Bloodstream.

Whether as a cube, drink, or powder, Dextro Energy products provide the brain with dextrose quickly and directly.

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“You have the motivation. We’ve got what it takes.”

As an expert in dextrose products with years of experience, Dextro Energy is the ideal companion for studying, workouts, training, or competitions – with high-quality ingredients and excellent product quality. The product range is extremely diverse. Split into the three areas of everyday, endurance, and fitness, the product portfolio ranges from classic dextrose tablets to powders, bars, gels, and drinks.


Dextrose – reaches the blood faster

The brain is hungry, especially for dextrose. And mental work is often more strenuous than you may think. That’s why it’s so important to provide the brain with a constant supply of dextrose in stressful situations. More than half of the dextrose found in the body is consumed by the brain, and this figure can even rise up to 90% when it’s particularly stressed. Whether in the form of a cube, drink, or powder, Dextro Energy products help get dextrose into the blood quickly - and straight to the brain.

Stay sharp, not tired.


Endurance - exhaustion is a thing of the past

Dextro Energy offers a compact range of sports products which quickly and specifically provide endurance athletes with a selection of supplementary nutrients. Whether you need instant or long-lasting carbohydrates, fluids, vitamins, minerals, or proteins - the Dextro Energy Sport range is the best starting point for targeted diet supplementation during endurance sports.

Just keep going.


Everything for fitness

Regular strength training is key when it comes to building muscle mass. But the right nutrition is just as important. Smart Protein products from Dextro Energy are high in protein which supports the gain and maintenance of muscle mass and don’t contain any added sugar. The products are developed and manufactured 100% in Germany to guarantee the highest quality.


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